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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  November 1, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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house" now. >> i think you're going alone. >> >> that's news to me. >> he'll go. >> electronic arts, mel! this quarter might be good enough to make an all-time high in a stock which i think is 86.5. >> i'm melissa lee. thank you for watching. see you back here tomorrow at 5:00 for my mission is simple, to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends, i just want to make you some money. my job isn't just to entertain you but to make you money. sometimes the market just deserves to go down. today was one of those days. deserved to plummet. with the dow sinking a hundred
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points. s&p losing ppt 68%. nasdaq tumbling ppt .69%. this is the shacka can movement. you have to tell me you like. there has nothing with a lot of stocks today. i counted seven reasons why stocks were right to go down and no reason why they should balance because nothing good happened. let me give you my proprietary turn upside down. let me tell what you spooked the market so badly. first, the election. the market loves certainty and it hates uncertainty. so you can have the most anti-business candidate in history running for president as long as we know what degree of certain that i person was going to win. or we can figure out what to do. typically there's a thesis that
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can work for anyone. like hillary clinton like post democrats she wants to put people to work. there are a lot of stocks with that scenario. or maybe you find common ground where there isn't something similar in question like defense. maybe if we were confident hillary clinton would win based on poll be there would be ways to make peace with it and make money. but now the polls have tightened. this close to election day with two candidates with such different agendas, it is harder to gain. it is easier to sell and circle back next week when we find out who wins. the tighter the poll is, the more sense it makes to sell. who wants to deal with that kind of uncertainty. donald trump prides himself on
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being unpredictable. that's what he says. doesn't mean he is erratic but does mean he can be awfully hard to get a bead on. with these new clinton e-mails we had gone from a situation with a done deal with a front-runner gainable to a toss-up situation where one candidate doesn't want to be game. with new e-mails we have an overhanging issue that won't be resolved until after the election. if hillary wins can i easily see trump arg not wanting to succeed. arguing that he would have won if she was indicted. this is saying we well get it both before and after election day no matter who wins. number two tell me something bad list. oil keeps going lower. and it is now down five straight odd dollars. we haven't lost that linkage. so has the market. we now know that saudi arabia claims of opec deal to support
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price says nothing but poppy dock. but when it is closer to $48 i think crude will run higher all over again because traders are in control and they do whatever they most fear. tell me something bad number three, apple. apple has come down for five straight days after a good quarter the company reported last week. when this stock goes down it is subject to all sorts of negative stories and rumors. i heard a whopper today. demand for the new mac book isn't strong. why do i find that hard to believe? i was all over the place this weekend trying to buy one for my wife because it is her birthday today. she won't watch the show so she won't know the difference. you couldn't get them. none available. i couldn't get one. you can't get one. but no demand? fine, whatever. fact is, decline in this large cap dal lags stock owner is a you will over the entire nasdaq. it's been down for a week. for now, if you and apple, i feel your pain.
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the fourth wound, we're back to retail hell. one of the best retailers outbrands owner of pink which does well, bath and body works and victoria secret. i don't know what happened but it is not doing that well. its stock got crushed. two troubling elements of this decline. first, while numbers were lower than anticipated, especially victoria secret, they weren't so bad that you have a reaction, second last week matthew boss of jpmorgan one of the best retail analyst in the business told us that l brands would have a shortfall if reported. he laid out the story exactly as it happened. so in a way, there shouldn't have been a surprise when the top analyst tells you what is going to happen, you should be ready for it. that's a bad sign for future retail reports. it says that bad news is not in the stocks. tell me something bad number five. tweet from senator bernie sanders questioning drug prices. why is insulin gone up 700% in
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20 years sanders tweeted. simple, drug industry greed. ouch. never mind there is a price war on insulin. right now. one that drove insulin kingpin over the stock from 41 to $35 a heart beat last thursday. tough conference call. this is exactly what most health care investors fear. a series of actions that roll back price increases which have been mothers mixing of profits in the farm industry. the earnings period is the decline of fall in drug pricing. we see it all, not just dry, but device, whoel sailing, see it from 3m, eli lilly, and pfizer getting hammered mercilessly because of a competition. competition is all over the place. i thought this was supposed to be monopolies, what's the deal? holy cow, how did this get so anemic. numbers sharply worse than expect, stocks got just slaughtered. many investors have been gravitating towards these cyclic
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els, given they seem safer than health care stocks. that's dubious distinction. they seem untouchable here. looking for down grades. finally unlucky 7 bad boy, the inability of stocks to bounce even for day answers day answers days and days of going down. yesterday on halftime with uber cramer scott and we were talking about how merrill lynch downgraded nike and talking about how obvious it was given the fact the stock has been down mercilessly since reporting a straight line. i said it didn't matter any more. that's become the new normal. just because stocks were down doesn't mean they will continue to go down. gross stocks just keep going down without much after bounce al aught pl witness home depot. witness under armour. their stocks are unindated. even with a ree re leave to break out of the house of pain has become a constant for the last month and has people really spooked including yours truly. here is bottom line. remember this is one day. we have been told a lot of good
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things of late. takeovers, upgrades, excellent job numbers. but today, today we got told something bad and nothing else. this is exactly the kind of day that you get when rufus and shacka khan don't get their way. ed in massachusetts, ed? >> caller: hey, jim, boo-yah to ya. i've been trying to get a hold of you for years. >> i've been around. i've been around. >> caller: i have a brand-new stock. ipo on friday, called a cush net holdings, also known as titlist. golf on the stock ex change, golf, as in golf balls. >> right. >> caller: i'm wondering if you have any golf in your portfolio and what do you think of that stock? >> i like to diversify than just golf. if golf is really coming back, dicks has some golf in it and
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dicks is sports authority collapse benefit. very nice people there. i met them. terrific people. but i do like dick's sporting goods better. to steven in pennsylvania. steven? >> caller: hey, mr. cramer. >> how are you? >> caller: good. with tesla making cars driverless in the future and with microsoft in the studio and new surface book as well as growing revenue stream in the data revenue service, what do you think of n individunvidia g? >> i like nvidia. i would buy some before and after. let's not go crazy. the stock immediately plunged 5%. then went up 5%. so be careful and listen to conference calls. a lot of erratic trading but i think nvidia is good. by some before and after. to my home state, george?
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>> hey, boo-yah, buddy. love the show and love your absolute political neutrality as it pertains it making money. >> thank you. that's what it is about. i'm from montgomery county. >> i'm from the coal region. >> how do you like that? in wyoming, okay. >> yeah. i spent time at temple. >> there you go. my parent went to temple. what's happening? >> caller: i got a question. here it is. i've been a valued player for some time. and some of the best dividend payers have been the reads of course. >> of course. >> caller: i do not like to sell because i'm generally a buy and hold guy. >> i like that. >> caller: but i'm big in realty trust symbol o. and with the ongoing fed speak regarding rate increase, i'm wondering if the loss finally baked into the stock price or are we going to see further potential losses? >> you got 4.25 yield.
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ven toss to me is the bell weather. and ven toss has not stopped going down which tells me, i think we got to be very, very careful because if that goes down i don't think letter o is done going down either. because you know, i think so much of cavaro. so they have to have a couple points down before we call it quits on that one. anyway, days like today will knock your pride aside. but remember what chaka khan said and remember rufus did most of the heavy lifting here. you have to do something good and that's not what we heard today. "mad money" might surprise you tonight. but one of the oldest production firms is exploring. i'm digging deeper into the latest discovery in the oil pack. see if you can push the stock high earn young brands opening first kfc in china. spin off of its entire chinese division. i'm talking with yum brands to find out what is next for the company. and apple stock dropped this week.
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is it pineapple picking season? or has the stock fallen too far from the tree? i'm going off the charts to find out. stick with cramer. >> don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter. have a question? tweet cramer. send e-mail to jim cramer on th or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc. miss something? go to 1-800-7. miss something? go to
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the price of oil may be pulling back right now. just realizing the opec production freeze the saudised to us about probably won't happen. but there are still presentee of terrific opportunities in the oil patch. for example, oil and gas companies making acquisitions in low-cost areas are seeing stocks higher in recent months and viewers know i'm a big fan of this theme. but what if there is a company getting its hand on more oil the old-fashioned way. not by making acquisitions but
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by discovering new reports on land that it already ownes. that's what seems to be happening with one of america's oldest exploration and production firms, apache. what about a new discovery, alpine high in reefs county texas, alpine high, that's the name. part of the delaware basin i've talked about. the stock jumped 14% over the next two days climbing to $59. since then there hasn't been that much movement and running up to mid 60s but it is back now at 59. i that i if it goes below these prices, you are getting an incredible buying opportunity because when investors start to fully appreciate this new alpine high discovery, i think you can propel apache stock much higher. why am i excited about this new perm yum play? there is a lot to like. but it first, let me give you background on apache then drill down. for those of you not familiar with the country, apache is one of the larger exploration production companies always e
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aep ps. smaller in egypt, used to be bigger. gulf of mexico. as well as shale in texas, permian basin and texas. the super cost delaware basin with one of the hottest oil producing areas in the united states. the great boom apache was a real and other oil exploration companies were finding shale all over america. there is a lot of shale oil patches everywhere. apache had the wrong focus. in about a dozen states. but apache wasn't playing. they were fast with growth plate international and used cash from solid american assets to finance what i regard as risky ovseas acquisitions when they are are in the second half of 2014 and clobber along with it but unlike so many of its peers, apache stock had been doing nothing over previous years. so longer performance versus the rest of the industry.
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steve fairis stepped down in 2014. man named john cristman was the chief officer as well as more importantly the overseer of the expansion in west texas. the location of the permian basin and crispin is man with a plan. since taking over the apache business model these days they focus on creating organic growth that means growth from within. the company uses catch to drill in north america particularly the permian basin which is how you end up with big new discovery like the one they announce in early september. they now hold 1.75 million acres and third largest producer in the region. the transformation is very helpful for apache. in the second quarter the company produced 165,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day down from 172,000 barrels a day in 2014. however the company's generating that production with much lower costs because the permian is such a cheap place to drill. with the price of crude around 50 bucks the company says the region can have a hundred percent rate of return.
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that's extremely profitable. so how about this big new discovery in the alpine high. on september 7, apache used the barclays ceo energy power conference to announce this fine. after two years of work, the company confirmed that it is sitting on a vast quantity of oil in the delaware basin region. apache spent the last 18 months leasing 307,000 continuous acres in this region which covers the vast majority of the alpine high plate. now the alpine high actually represents 4 to 5,000 feet of staff resources and across five distinct form nations including some we have from time to time that are very good. pennsylvania, haven't mentioned that one before. barnett, wood ford shales. pachy thinks it is setting on 75 trillion feet of natural gas.
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this is more after natural gas place than oil. then identified from 2 it,000 to 3,000 potential drilling locationes. that's right, 2,000 to 3,000, not hundred. the real impressive thing is how they did it. in 2015 when energy prices were in a free-fall, apache started accumulating the alpine with averaging about $1300 an acheer. probably go for like ten times that, now, no, probably about 20 times that now. this part of the permian was once very complicated area to extract gas and was written off by the industry for years. as they explain, apache took the time to study the region. the the rest of the industry thought the area had high clay content and made it harder to drill. when apache did homework they realized it had low clay content. turns out it is an easy place to drill because it is right smack in the middle of the oil and wet gas window.
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that's called the sweet spot. it is incredibly profitable. now crispin spit out these numbers at the conference and they are staggering. get this, anywhere from 10 cents to 40 cents per million british thermal units which means they are coining money because gas is around 3 bucks now. i will quote him, he said, get gas for virtually free. and in the alpine high only worth $4 to $20 million. that's right, from 4 to 20 million. even at the lowest end of the spectrum, val i'd at $4 million could be worth $8 billion and even with oil and gas stay wrg it is. apache is a $22 billion company. we haven't talked about it if prices go higher. especially around the gulf of mexico. they are set to make a killing with oil in the 40s.
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now i goot caveat. apache reports thursday morning. for the opening. i don't expect them to see much benefit in this quarter. after all, they just started drilling. so the stock sells off after apache sport. that's why i recommend buying more now and waiting for the quarter so let me give you the bottom line. from the downturn stronger they use it to opportunistically use it. they are getting killed now. that's what apache did. they bought in an area known as alpine high. i bet their work will pay off for years. they are a long-term story. don't expect to rocket higher if the company reports on thursday. but any weakness coming from those who are disappointed there is an instant success here. that could be your best clans to get in for the long haul. much more "mad money" ahead. if you live taco bell, kfc or pizza hut like i do, don't move. i'm going to look at yum brand to see if you can take off your
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portfolio after those spinning off today. with a nasty drop, how should you play the tech type? the answer could be hiding in the charts. and our home people on a shaky foundation? are companies like whirl pool and is her win williams tanking? stick with cramer.
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this morning the yum brands of parent of taco bell, kfc, chung china holdings, under the ticker of yumc, add the c, i've been a big fan ever since yum announced the win last year. they are on the rising middle class of the people's republic. and yum brands is more of a stud
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steadiedy. if you're the old yum, you have a share in the east company. now that that split is happening i can get a better sense of what is happening here. the ceo found out what is next for his company. and mr. cramer, welcome back it "mad money." good to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> this is a stunning success. the buying today in yum china took pli breath way. a huge amount and people went nuts for it. this is the single best way now to play the explosion middle class in china. >> absolutely agree. it is what we said. we wanted to create shareholder value by creating two powerful independent growth companies. and what market is reacting to is the huge growth opportunity in china and the story for us is where do you grow? faster than people think. but also obviously return a lot of capital to our shareholders and become a capital like business. >> let's talk about that. there are a lot of doubters. >> sure. yeah. >> they say wait second. issues about food safety.
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issues about whether it is still aspirational. issues about the competition. but it looks like buyers are saying no. this is still premier american brand in china. >> there are three reasons you should buy yum china. first is ash anization. 75 million people a year are moving into cities. that helps us grow. second is infrastructure on railroads, motor way answers airports. we can build facilities in each one of those and then last one is just that, there's more, 1250 malls to build. one or two stores per mall, at least 2500 new stores that can go in there. >> can you get up to the peak valiums you were at? >> absolutely. >> why should we believe that? it's been a rough road. >> take kfc. two years ago everyone down for the count. get rid of it or do something to it. we just delivered our ninth quarter but 6 1/3 quarter. and so i believe if we have brands you can turn them around. and we earn a different show
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from the morning show and thrilled to have you. and i want it talk about the notion of suitability. if people want a big dividend and get income over time, they would want to be in old yum, right? >> right now we obviously will pay a dividend and pay out about 45 to 50% of retained earnings as dividend and we have been paying dividend for last 11 years and increase over double-digit every year so we are an income payer and also return $13.5 billion in cap pal o. now whether or not they return a dividend, we don't know. but you can bet there will be a good dividend paying stock. >> the franchise model has been fabulous. you look like you're going that way forum. >> yeah. we're going highly franchise, highly focus -- >> but there is a lot of room. >> yeah. even after we spin off china, 3200 restaurants around around the world. less than a thousand will produce about $2 billion in
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architect proceeds even return all $2 billion to shareholders. >> all $2 billion? >> all 2 billion. >> that's different from wait things are currently run. >> exactly. >> when we look at kfc, it is the equivalent of mcdonald's in an emerging market, isn't it? >> i think it is bigger and the reason why is chicken is the preferred protein. in asia, africa, middle east, any of those places, chicken is the preferred protein. i believe the emerging story is powerful but maybe not one that all understand or gives us credit for delivering. >> you are remodeling taco bell. they are taking advantage where one competitor isn't doing as well. it is not natural or organic. have you a lot of chemical. or i should say preservatives. you can use either word. and is still doing well. >> the first thing is, artificial flavors and colors are coming out of taco bell as
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they are pizza hut. down by the first quarter of next year. we have taken out 15% of sodium in taco bell menu but what people crave is cravable food, great value, great experience. food is no longer fuel. fuel is an experience to an experience worth sharing. >> but they also like the price. >> dollar value menus. 30 items for a dollar. people love great cravable taste at a buck. no doubt about it. >> what do you do differently as a franchise currently? what changes. >> we focus on the brands and growing brands. we will build and the day-to-day operations. and for the country with 500 restaurants we own a hundred we tend to get focused on the 100 instead of the 500. that's what is really going to change. we will be much more focus owned building brands on a global scale. >> very few people have the polls, first of all, most people don't know that -- the pulse of the world around the country
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like you do, we are pretty bloomy in this country. we read brexit and think things are gloomy in europe. geez, china isn't doing that well. latin-america. you're up by nature. >> sure. >> could you give us a realistic view of the world as you see it? >> sure. i'll give you a good a example. we just signed a 300-unit development deal for pizza hut in eastern europe with a franchisy over the next five years. they aren't building 300 un fits they don't believe there is a growth. that's a good example. taco bell in bra zip. >> now in brazil. >> brazil. >> so you wouldn't build if you thought it would kill you. >> and franchisy will open 25 by end of 2019. >> everywhere i go they are building and they won't do that if they don't think they will get a return and customers coming in. >> we have been waiting for the return pizza hut for a long time. why should we think it is going
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to happen now? >> first of all, aging red roofs which have been around for 30 or 40 years. >> i'm skeptical of that. >> but franchisies will spend $1.5 billion over the next ten years. ton modernize, but to replace. small box or fast casual concept. we have a fast casual pizza concept. we call it blaze. >> okay. >> where you can get a nine-inch pizza and drink for 9 bucks and sit down. >> so now we know that -- and for you guys -- >> mom and pops is definitely -- that is moving into chains. no doubt about it. has dom kninos done well? yes. we have to get technology and a relevant brand. those are three things we are focused on. and not serving traditional food and breakfast at pizza hoot.
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>> and we can serve bacon and eggs paen panini with coffee for less than starbucks. >> how is that possible? >> it is possible. we are in the food supply chain in china. we have china business. yes, breakfast which we have, we also sell sizzling steaks, escargo. >> escargo? >> yes. >> okay, why? >> because that's what customers want. it is a full-service casual dining experience. we call five star service at three-star price. >> i will leave it at that. i just kind of like that. that's great. ceo yum brands. never ceases to maze me. you saw the. you are prize. and it is moving. "mad money" after the break. here goe. stay with cramer. >> coming up, apple shares surged after summer swoon but recently the market is has been
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rotten for the stock. now pattern is popping up in the technicals that could reveal the stock's next move. cramer goes off the charts. and reveals the clues. when "mad money" returns. ♪ we're drowning in information. where, in all of this, is the stuff that matters? the stakes are so high, your finances, your future. how do you solve this? you don't. you partner with a firm that advises governments and the fortune 500, and, can deliver insight person to person, on what matters to you. morgan stanley.
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's. here is a question on the minds of money. what do we do if the stock appears? even the universe bouncing back dramatically from the low overs summer and getting slammed. down nearly 6 points and in part because i think management is not getting credit and there are a lot of haters out there. how do we get a real apple trajectory? you know, same as always. simply own apple. don't trade it. but what about the short term situation? this a story where it often is worse from fundamentals. which is why we have to go off the charts. one of my colleagues at "mad money".com has been right on the iphone makeer. back in early september she told
6:38 pm
us apple was heading higher. since then stocks rally about five point and a week ago up more than ten. but now she has become more concerned about apple's near term trajectory. and a tech hurdle that needs to clear if it is going to keep rally and i thought this was important. i know many of you are concerned. first you need to understand how they call the rebound on apple because it is the same methodology and feels more cautious at the moment. got to play it out, people. take a look at this weekly chart. if you look at apple's big decline going into may of this year, went bottom, you notice it lasted for a little more than 45 points. okay? that number. this is important. because broaden points out the last big downturn into the ape el 2013 low lasted 45.71. $45.71. okay? why does it matter? what is that about?
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according to the fip nachy queen, many are similar to previous swings in the same name. this is called symmetry, okay? now i know it probably seems silly to some of you but it works more often than you would expect. this is why there are pat swings as a given stock as a basis for the methodology. and they filter into the lens of ratios and important series of numbers for leonardo and he finds crucial support in resistance levels. but broaden doesn't work just on the axis of the stock the same analysis can be applied to the excess axis, which is the time axis. beyond looking at the size, broaden measures how long they lasted. this is an objective view. you may not like the mumbo jumbo but it is not emotional. she plugs the durations into the same rube rick to find important dates when a stock is most likely to change its direction. with apple there were a much of
6:40 pm
timing cycles that came at the time that roughly the stock bottoms. i know all of this is more than six months ago but we care about the may low because that's the last time apple changed its trajectory. think of it as a reference point like a lighthouse that helps broaden navigate through the charts. with apple's bottom in may to last week the stock rallies more than 29 points. last big rally lasted for over $79 and terminated just a bit below 161.8% extension of the stocks prior swing. so basic symmetry method that helped call the bottom in may apple has more room to run. when broeden looks at a stock that's in an uptrend her typical upside targ seat good bit lower than that. she expects app toll make 127.2% extension of its swing which is how she got $146 long-term price target off the may lows and
6:41 pm
that's very long-term target. if seam hitting that level long-term, th long-term, then first they have to get over some hurdles. last time we talked to broaden about app nell september she said the stock declared several different ceilings of resistance. first of which ran from 110 to 112. that's one hurdle jumped even as the stock pulled back today after up to 118 will a week ago. problem though, is that when we use the same tools that helped broaden spot the bottom in may they suggested this stock got more work to do before it can comfortably coast higher. hit that level right back here. if we look at shorter term move ne s in the stock price, the rally went on for $21.21 and $32 and those numbers matter when you consider from the may lows through recent high, apple ran
6:42 pm
up a little more than $29. basic the stock rallied the same amount as past two upmoves then ran out of steam. this is why broaden thought the higher could be somewhat rocky. the stock now is in tough resistance running from 118 to $121. sure enough apple peaked at $118 and change before it reported last week and drifting lower ever since. got caught just where she said it would be. just where she said, boom, remember, 118. then down that night. and short apple still needs to clear the hurdle before resuming the march much higher. that is easier said than done. apple is headed tore 146 eventually. i say axis -- i wouldn't accentuate the word eventually, it will take time and needs to jump the $121 hurdle before it gets there. however, apple is going lower not higher she said.
6:43 pm
what should you do? let's look at apple's daily chart. the stock is sitting on what she calls a mountain of fib nachy support. these are levels propping the stock up and run from $108.70 up to $111.79. you see the way the stock bounced today? did you see it? current pull-back is 111. apple sitting right on top of this 4. hit it today and stopped there. broaden remains bullish on apple as long as stock is above the lows and that's the $102.53. if stock drops below that level then it is negative and all bets are off. but as long as apple stays above $102 and broaden believes it can get its act together and given all these from 108 to $111 she thinks they could be a good moment to be stocking up on apple. day-to-day when the market looked hideous, bing. pulse them in. stocks should only have three more points of down side
6:44 pm
according to her. here is bottom line. charts as interpreted by carolyn broaden suggest the recent pain in apple will probably come to an end own. not soon enough for a lot of people given that everyday it seems to be down since reported. not seems, did. that doesn't mean the stock is ready to turn into a rocket and soar. but apple tests resistance again from 118 to 121 level in not too distant future. regular viewers know i believe you should own apple, not trade it. i like the fundamentals here. i like how cheap it is. i like the most recent quarter. i think it is good to know that charts are probably on the side of the bulls too. the lightning round is next. i suggest you stay with cramer. >> tomorrow, kick off the trading day with squawk on the street. live from post 9 at nyse. >> go get a slice around the
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corner. >> yeah. >> fold it in half. >> both of you are not new yorkers. so really be with just enough all right? probably eat pizza with a fork and knife. >> all starts at 9:00 a.m. eastern.
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it is time for the lightning round. and then the lightning round is over. are you ready? stan in california. stan? >> caller: hey, jim. how you doing? many thanks for taking my call, sir. >> sure. >> caller: i have a question for you. and it is very simple. should i maintain my position in the alibaba group? >> well i got to tell you something here, stan. we got about 24 hours because we will find out tomorrow and then we'll know how the quarter is doing. no need to speculate when we're going to see the quarter actually in literally 12 hours. how about shairley? shirley in california. shirley? >> caller: hello, mr. cramer.
6:49 pm
>> shirley. >> caller: i love your books. i love your book ever since i read your book, your first book, i'm a big fan of yours. and your watch on the morning show. >> thank you. >> caller: today my question is about ticker symbol hds. >> shirley, that quarter was an good quarter. now in the penalty box. in the kennel. i'm an buyer. sorry. was really disappointing. bob in california. bob? >> caller: big boo-yah to you. been watching for several years. thank you. >> caller: what do you think about geniron. that company one of the greatest toast work for. does it matter? no. at this point biotech stocks have to wait until after the election and if it's -- if hillary clinton wins you could get a little bit of pension there in the bioteks.
6:50 pm
we will wait. how about charles? >> caller: how you doing, jim? >> good, how about you? >> caller: fine. what about tsem. >> very good company. pro filed one time. very good. by the way, i keep thinking something is going on with the idti. look, semis are the last price bot. other than gaming stocks. mesmerized by the electronic cards here. let's go to joan in virginia. joan? >> caller: yes, jim. you goot devoted cry american here. >> i love cramerica. what's up? >> i have a small amount of waste management. i usually don't start with a hundred shares. but i got stuck with just 100 shares because the stock goes up. >> that's okay. high quality problem. that's a high quality problem. >> caller: should i pick up more? >> what's the stock?
6:51 pm
waste management, goldman came out with a sell today. i thought that was preposterous. mr. steiner deserves better. if the stock goes back to 60 bb that's when you pick up your second hundred. let's go to one more. jude in new jersey. >> caller: how are you in. >> same great. sir. how are you? >> caller: great. eagles will make the playoffs. >> you're 1 for 2 in that partner. what's up? >> what do you think of crane? >> great industrial. but you got to go long-term. industrials are under pressure. but like that stock. that is the end of the lightning round. >> the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. this is my new alert system for whenever anything happens in the market. kid's a natural. but thinkorswim already lets you create custom alerts for all the things that are important to you. shhh. alerts on anything at all? not only that,
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is it a blip? or is there something really wrong in the home improvement space? today i was reading a very fine piece from oppenheimer about how home depot and lowe's experienced a downturn in sales judging by what we have seen by companies from whirlpool, nasco and sherwin-williams all which have had disappointing earnings. we know kitchen and bath products have been soft. and strong sales integral to the booming home improvement thesis that had been a main stay of the market during tremendous retail turmoil. this dove tails from what we heard last night from the ceo of
6:55 pm
brunswick. sigh becks home exercise machines softened too. it confirms this new negative narrative. so why did i like this research note on home depot and lowe's so much? because the downturn was a blip, not the start of something bigger. in the bad old days they had home stock going up in value. that's not the experience across the country. housing relate id spending is a function of several different variables. job growth which we have. house formation increasing ever so slowly and most important the perceived value of your home. as the fabulous cfo of home depot explain end the moment individuals know their homes are increasing in value they view spending on their homes as investments not expenses. people hate having to spend money but they don't mind investing in their house because that increases in value. there is another function that can depress this housing related spending across the homes for sale.
6:56 pm
lately we've had under five months some what unusually low number that can hinder turnover and inhibit sales but homeowners can make up for that slack and they've dup it before. i think it is a blip because it seems like this country is entering into motivated goop. with politics, regardless of affiliation, it makes consumers want to pause everything skeps maybe cooking at home, watching netflix, playing electronic games through the quarter tonight and ordering from amazon prime. unfortunately this shard these toys prove. it reminds me of what jimmy carter was president and detected a period of national melee so he gave a speech about how the country better buck up because it is the people's fault they lost confidence. i don't think is people's fault at all. i hated that speech. i think this is the most brutal and negative and that's an backdrop where it says go to home douepot or lowe's and star working on home projects.
6:57 pm
i'm presuming the gloom will be busted hopefully after election day but maybe later if f this race drags out past the actual vote. but one thing is certain the stocks have been hammered and it wouldn't take much to bring them back it life. of course no need to hurry to buy the stocks. why jump the gun? but a certain point we will emerge from the gloom and when we do the demographic and historical prompts will kick back in and housing related stocks go higher, not lower. just not yet. we have time especially with home depot that stock declining so rapidly but won't take forever before we hit bottom since when the stocks go lower, get this, get this, they do get cheaper. even as estimates are right now too high. an the charts among the ugliest in the book. stick with cramer.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
i'd like to say there's always a bull market somewhere and i try to find it just for you here on "mad money." i'm jim cramer. see you tomorrow.
7:00 pm
at a popular kitchen-supply tostore in manhattan...... howard: how you doing, ladies? come on in. lemonis: of the owners is cooking up a catastrophe. howie, why would you be ordering knives? howard: i'll get approval. don't worry. lemonis: are you being a dick? his reckless spending has put the business in the red. howard: we're not choking. lemonis: can you close for a week to do inventory? howard: no. lemonis: then you're choking. his careless merchandising... there's [bleep] everywhere. ...has thrown this store into chaos. howard: that's a real machete. you don't see that in williams & sonoma, do you? lemonis: and despite her mounting frustration, his ex-wife and partner... howard: who makes their wife 50%? robyn: so i haven't done [bleep] here, right? lemonis: ...has been powerless to stop him. that's not what an equal partnership looks like.


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